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Celle’s Melissopalynological Collection - Africa

The volume contains descriptions of pollen grains gathered in eastern Africa. Many of them however can be found not only in many parts of Africa but also on other continents. Correspondingly these pollen grains occur in honeys worldwide!

  • coloured prints of pollen taken with high modern lightmicroscopical systems – by that optimal representation of structures
  • exact descriptions of important pollen characteristics with international, revised terminology
  • botanical names
  • comment to melissopalynological value
  • per pollen grain 1 data sheet – see below – (original size DIN A4)

The price for the special file with 200 data sheets, introduction, glossary and list of contents:
150.00 € (plus value added tax and postage)

The volume is offered in English language.
Hibiscus esculentus Malvaceae
Hibiscus esculentus Malvaceae

origin of sample: Ethiopia

outline: circular

dimension: ~180 µm (171,4-181,9)

aperture type: porate

n apertures: >20

exine sculpturing type: echinate

specials: exine yellow, ~1,5 µm thick, also scabrate to verrucate; echina ~20 µm long with a base of ~7 µm; pori arranged in parallel rows, pori d ~15 µm

comment: in tropical areas (especially India, Africa); pollen extremely underrepresented in honey

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